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GoPro Hero 8 Black – 18 Things to know

Hey folks, here I’m going to give you 18 Things to Know about the new GoPro Hero 8 Black. The article will be a bit detail where I am going to cover how things actually work on these cameras and I’m going to describe about the good and the bad of this camera. 

 GoPro Hero 8 Black

1. New Case/Frame Design

In the past, you had to put a frame around the camera in order to go ahead and mount it to a GoPro mount. But, now the mount is built into the bottom. It’s a small metal mount that unfolds outwards so you can put it flat on the table without the mount, which is pretty awesome.

GoPro New Frame Display

Also, you can just simply pop the mount out and then attach it to an existing GoPro mount. It works with all existing GoPro mounts, so if you already have mounts out there, that stuff works great no problem. But it won’t necessarily work with all cases.

So if you had for example an underwater case, not so much there. If you have one of the rubber silicone type cases which do actually fit around a camera. You just need to make a little hole for the mount at the bottom but that’ll at least still kind of work.

While on the whole this design is definitely an improvement, there are some downsides. Number one is that opening up this battery door is miserable. Especially in the cold, in kind of a windy scenario – like up in the mountains, that really sucked.

You need to put your fingernail down there, and it’s easy to kind of…it’s not good at all. The other catch there is no smaller door access to the USB charger [port]. You have to have the entire door. You can take this off if you want to. But then you have the battery just chill in’ there.

GoPro Door


2. GoPro Accessory ‘Mods’

 The GoPro Hero 8 Black new ‘mods’ or an accessory as the rest of the world calls them basically extends the functionality of the GoPro itself from an integrated electronic standpoint.

Now there are three mods.

Displaying Shot Gun MicThe first one is Media Mod. That most notably includes a shotgun mic, so it’s pointing directly at you – ideal for Vlogging, or any sort of holding it out, like holding it out type setup. It also has a 3.5-millimetre adapter in case you find that [included] shotgun mic sucks. And then it has a USB-C pass-through so an additional USB-C port there, as well as having a mini HDMI because this camera itself no longer has meaning HDMI on it.


Displaying Flip ModThe second mod is a flip-up screen so it’s a 2-inch screen that flips up off the back to allow you to see yourself. Again holding out in front of you again really design kind off or that vlogging snare or anything where you want to hold and kind of walk and talk.


displaying lightsAnd then thirdly there’s a new200 lumen light as well that you can add to this whole entire kit now. The downside here is that none of these mods are available today or anytime near today. GoPros talking sometime later on this year so that’s a huge disappointment there and of course as you may have realized with these new mods.

GoPros actually took out features from the hero 7 black that is not in the hero 8 black, for example, there’s no more mini HDMI port on the side of this in addition if you want to charge this on the go that kind of sucks compared the way it was in the past with that smaller door that made it really clean to keep the battery locked tight.

But you could still access that USB charging port so all in all I’m excited by the mods I think they’re really going to be cool once I get my hands on them but I’m also disappointing the fans they’ve taken some of those features away from the hero 8.

GoPro displaying HDMI Port


3. Hyper Smooth 2.0

 Now hyper smooth was introduced in the hero 7 lineup and it dramatically improved the stability of the GoPro camera. It was pretty much a game-changer for a GoPro hyper Smooth 2.0 is a modest upgrade to that it goes ahead and extends hyper smoothing to every frame rate in every aspect ratio.

Hypersmooth 2.0

Now for certain groups of people, this is going to be a pretty big deal for those that you’re doing 4 by 3 and then reframing and post this is solid for those that are shooting at 1080p 240frames per second.

You can now leave hyper smooth on and then slow down that footage when it gets the right point of footage as opposed to have to make a decision between having really stable and smooth footage for that one split second that you wanted to slow down into slow-mo.

Displaying Slow-mo


4. Hyper Smooth Boost

Hyper Smooth Boost basically crops in the picture just slightly and it goes ahead and offers like even higher level stability, this isn’t offer in every mode but it is offered in things like 4k.

GoPro Hero 8 Black

For example, you definitely notice the difference it’s much smoother compared to just regular hyper smooth 2.0 or otherwise in boost mode. GoPro says they’re leveraging more the accelerometers and the gyros in the camera itself to kind of predict.

Displaying Blue mode ON

What’s going to happen in the scene and then go ahead and smooth based on that now just a little tip here double-check and always ensure that the blue icon is on if it’s blue you got boost if there’s no blue there’s no boost.


5. Linear Mode at 4K, 100Mbps Option

Linear Mode at 4K, 100Mbps Option is awesome so now I can mix all my footage from a normal camera. And, you don’t have that kind of fish eye look at all that used to be required for the 4k mode.

Also, now you can do straight linear and on top of that there is now the ability to does 100 megabit per second a bit rate, you can select that within the pro tune options.

And you’ll notice the protein options also a little bit cleaned up here as well now you go down and you just see all the options you choose what you want you don’t feel like you’re enabling everything you just choose what particular settings you want to switch and you’re off and running.

Linear Mode at 4K, 100Mbps Option


6. Live Photo Burst Mode

Next on the list is probably one my favourite features which are the new live burst mode, now the rest of the world again calls this live photo mode or at least Apple does anyways and that allows you to take a picture but actually get the frames before and after it so every time you take a picture in live burst mode it records 1.5 seconds before and 1.5seconds afterwards.

Live Photo Burst

It’s actually taking a three-second long video clip and then it goes ahead allows you to pull out the exact frame that you want, it’s been super handy for me.

Because I take my camera a lot of times when I’m running and riding and stuff like that I just take photos along the way for Blogs and other social media apps but this allows me to get the exact right frame which is useful again when you’re in action scenarios.


7. Updated Super Photo & HRD Toggle

Next on the list is the updated super photo mode. So, one of the things I said, they worked a lot on is reducing ghosting artefacts and ghosting happens when you take a super photo which is usually a very kind of HDR like photo and it merges those photos together.

GoPro Hero 8 Black


But there are these weird ghosting artefacts that don’t quite line up and you see trails it just you know it when you see it sort of thing and GoPro says they’ve done a lot of work both at the processing side as well as the algorithm side to reduce or eliminate.


8. Time Wrap 2.0

GoPro introduced time warp in the hero 7 black and what that allows you to do is essentially do a hyper-lapse so it’s taking a time-lapse and kicking up the next level.

Where it’s stabilized but we thought you had to choose a toggle of exactly how fast to make that hyper-lapse and for a lot of people myself included you weren’t really sure how long that one that to be.

Time Lapse

So, what GoPros did is that new auto mode so instead of choosing an exact timing you just choose auto and we’ll figure out for you which has been pretty useful I found in my testing thus far it’s actually nailed kind of what I wanted.  

It speeds up and slowed down was expected so that’s pretty good stuff if you want the manual modes don’t worry it’s still there they didn’t go anywhere.


9. New Digital Lenses

The new digital lenses are probably more of like a marketing term but you’ll see it different in the user interface. So I’m counting it as a new feature here.

Digital lenses essentially give a marketing term to what used to be wide super wide linear narrow etc so GoPro has kind of made this whole digital lens concept where they’ve moved stuff to the forefront. It made it much clearer as to which mode you are and made it much easier to switch between those different modes.

Digital lens

10. Customizable Capture Presets

One of the things that GoPro said people generally struggle with the past if they were new to GoPro is figuring out which model they should be in. So, they’ve simplified that down now where you these capture presets and by default there’s four of them out of the box that allows you kind of pick what you want based on what kind of activity you’re doing.

Customise Capture Presets

But what’s cool about this you can extend this now and create your own capture presets so in my case I can create one that is for 4k linear that I’m shooting when I want to mix in, you know DSLR cameras footage and then I can shoot something for slow-mo and so on.


11. Live Streaming now in 1080p + YouTube.

Next on the list is the new 1080p streaming option. Last year when GoPro introduced live streaming for the GoPro cameras they did it at 720p which was a bit weird since the rest of the internet often streams at 1080p.

Live & YouTube StreamingBut they did that and now it’s up to 1080p here which is awesome in addition to that you can go ahead and live stream directly to YouTube. You just simply select that in the live options there at the bottom and you’re good to go.



12. New Hero 8 Battery

There’s a new battery on the hero 8 black but fear not it’s still compatible with the hero five six and seven batteries. You’ll notice the difference right away that one has blue pants and the other one is the black one for the past they both working interchangeably in either camera, so you can use a hero 8 battery in-hero 7camera or vice versa.


The only difference is that GoPro says on some hyper smooth 2.0 modes and particular with Boost it may not work as well on the old batteries as a new batteries.

Also, I have tested third-party batteries I tend to use myself a ton of third-party batteries and all those seem to work just fine I haven’t seen any of the issues that the GoPro is talking about on either older batteries or third-party batteries with hyper smooth2.0.


13. New Front Lens (Good & Bad)

Next on the list, there is a new lens now this lens GoPro says there’s two times stronger. In the past I haven’t taken out a hammer and swung it harder to see if that’ll pull true but they say it’s 2 times stronger they did that via increasing the thickness of the glass itself so it’s up to 2 millimetres.

Earlier it was 1.3 millimetres and with that whole thing they got rid of the ability to remove the lens off the front, so that is definitely a bit of a bummer especially if you break it.

Displaying Lens

Then you have to go ahead and get it back to GoPro support to get swapped out. Now GoPro does note though that with their GoPro Plus subscription package that allows you to get it replaced on the fly without any questions asked so that at least is positive.

And of course GoPro Plus has like the uploading bit and 50%of accessories and other things that are already useful but that is definitely a bummer because in the past it was just like 20 or so bucks to replace the lens versus now paying five bucks a month.


14. New Front Microphone.

Front Microphone

The GoPro hero 8 Black includes a new front microphone, now there are three microphones on total on the hero 8 Black. There’s one on the front, one on the side and on the bottom.

We saw a ton of audio improvements in the hero 7 and with the hero 8, they said this new front microphone is better suited from a wind standpoint and then with that they paired a bunch of algorithm improvements.

Side Microphone

As well to go ahead and not only deal with the wind side of things better than they have in a hero 7 but also to go ahead and improve ambient noise in quieter environments.



15. Auto-Levelling to Fix Crooked Footage.

we’re getting in the home stretch here but don’t worry you got a few more cool things to talk about starting off with the Auto levelling in the GoPro app.

GoPro Hero 8 Black

So, if you ever mounted your camera just slightly off-centre but didn’t realize it and then captured a bunch of footage, you’re like oh that’s not ideal- GoPro app will just automatically level for you and I’m not gay straightened out again so that’s handy because certainly you could have used third-party apps in the past to do that but this is now in the GoPro app itself.



16. GoPro Hero 8 Battery Specs

next, a brief note on battery life I’m going to put all the battery life estimates right now on the screen from GoPro those are the official specs in my test in getting’s pretty close to that in more or less similar to what I saw on the hero 7 block in the past overall no real shifts there either positive or negative in my experience.

Battery Specs


17. Tweaks to GoPro Coloring

GoPro says they’ve changed a little bit of the colouring on the camera between the hero 7 and the hero 8 black. You can see that in certain scenarios.

It seems to colour better and more true though have seen like one maybe two scenarios and last month where it didn’t quite, nail that overall though. It’s definitely either equal or better than I’ve seen in the past the colours are just popping on everything I do for photos to videos so I have no real complaints there finally.

Displaying Colour Feature


18. GoPro Hero Max

Let’s talk briefly about the new GoPro Hero max that is again the fusion replacement of the past and now.

The first thing you’ll notice it’s a heck of a lot smaller than the fusion camera was so that’s a positive number.

GoPro Hero Max

 Two gotten rid of the requirement to have two SD cards in it which was a pain in the butt and post-processing and all that kind of stuff.

they’ve also added a 1.7-inch screen on the front of it which is super handy for framing and figuring out what’s in the frame because while it is a 360-degree camera you sometimes want to go ahead and use just a single chunk of that frame.

Further, they’ve added a shotgun mic to it as part of their six microphone array on the camera, so there’s a ton of microphones on this camera itself.

They’ve added1080p live streaming as well so something that the older fusion didn’t have but I want to kind of caution you that this isn’t a case of having two GoPros for the price of one plus a hundred bucks.

For example, if you’re going to use a single front lens, there it’s still 1440p you’re not going to be able to do 4k like you could on the hero 8 black so just keep that in mind it’s a different type of camera which is a great camera potentially so stay tuned.



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