If you are looking for a best gaming mouse? then you are at right place. The most important thing of gaming mouse is it enhance your gaming experience. Unlike traditional office mouse, gaming mouse features extra buttons, high-grade sensors, swappable parts, RGB lighting and more. But not all gaming mouse is created equal, which is why we are here to help you select the best gaming mouse at reasonable prices.


1. Zebronics Alien PRO

Zebronics Alien Pro Mouse


High-Quality USB Connector

Alien Pro comes with a high-quality USB connector and long durable braided cables to ensure that you get the maximum experience out of the product.

Buttons and Ergonomics

The Alien Pro mouse is designed ergonomically for comfortable user experience so that gamers can go beyond their limits.

The mouse comes with 6 buttons with a left and right button, a scroll button, a forward and backward button along with a DPI switch.

DPI Switch

Change DPI on the go with the DPI switch, a premium feature in the Alien Pro gaming mouse.

Toggle between 600/1200/1800/2400 DPI with the DPI switch that comes along the mouse for a smoother game experience.

2400 Dpi Gaming Sensor

Gaming is about to get a lot more interesting with the Alien Pro that has a 2400 DPI gaming sensor. Move smoothly from one game to the other with the mouse that will change the way you game.



2. Redgear A-20 Gaming Mouse

Redgear Mouse



Redgear A-20 gaming mouse with 7 programmable buttons and offers maximum personalization with its software.

Easy to control your dpi up to 4800, RGB preference as per your game and gaming setup.

For all Grip

Ergonomically designed for all grip style.

Full Customization

A-20 offers full customization for all your gaming needs. RGB, macros, dpi, and key binds.

16.8 million Color Customization Options

Redgear A-20 offers 16.8 million chromas led colour customization.



3. Redragon Centrophorus M601

Redragon Mouse


Better hardware for superior performance

They built the Centrophorus mouse as a competitive gaming mouse. In a world where milliseconds mean everything, the Centrophorus does its job in microseconds.

Delivering an instant click response from the high-quality OMRON micro switches down its 6ft of braided, shielded fibre cable.

Misclick no more with an ergonomic layout

You’ve only got five fingers, so we decided to give you six buttons (your thumb gets two). That’s why the Centrophorus earned buttons with a slightly larger surface area than competitors’ mice.

Centrally located and impossible to miss, the DPI switcher can instantly toggle your resolution up or down, taking you from fast-twitch to pinpoint accuracy at the moment that your game needs it.

Eight 2.4-gram weights add heft and balance

Located in the palm of the Centrophorus is a hidden chamber holding up to eight 2.4g weights.

Add extra weight to avoid overshooting targets in stressful situations (or to reduce hand jitter on frictionless surfaces like our mousepads).

Remove weight to have better control over the momentum of the mouse and allow for quicker motion.

Ergonomic and backlit to frag all night long

Somewhere out there, a pro gamer is retiring at 24, wrists and fingers destroyed by arthritis and carpal tunnel from long hours of training and competing.

Sure, he’ll pick up a cushy job live streaming events for a few years, but he’ll never open a jar of pickles again.



4. Xmate Zorro 3200DPI

Xmate Zorro Mouse


Stunning Gaming Experience

Xmate Zorro wired USB gaming mouse is specially designed for gaming players, which aims to bring you the ultimate experience of control and a click-ahead than opponents with 4 adjustable DPI and 6 buttons to re-set according to your preference as well as ergonomic design.

4 Adjustable DPI Level & 6 Programmable Buttons

1200DPI/1600DPI/1600DPI/3200DPI resolution optical tracking technology provides sensitivity and precise tracking on a wide range of surfaces.

6 mouse buttons can be programmed by installing driver software which makes the mouse more intelligent and meets more demands for different games.

Note: The gaming driver is compatible with Windows OS only.

Be Game Ready

To reduce strain, advanced button tensioning and premium micro switches under the left and right buttons ensure each click feels effortless.

The ergonomic design is covered in ABS coating for improved comfort over long gaming sessions.

The enhanced performance gaming mouse is equipped with a premium sensor which reports the mouse’s position 1000 times per second.

Comfortable & Right Size

Perfectly designed to fit snugly under your palm, ergonomic design, internally and externally.

To create the ultimate game concept and long-term use without fatigue.

Natural curves of the mouse give you the most comfortable gaming experience ever, especially during the most crucial stages of your favourite game.

Direct Plug & Play

Xmate Zorro gaming mouse comes with a vast spectrum of 16 million+ colours light up.

Muti-colours lights greatly match your style, provides you a fancy gaming environment and highlight your game atmosphere.

Just simply plug in the 1.5m/4.9ft high-speed USB wire and play immediately. No additional software or firmware needed.

Widely Compatible

Stable connection, high precision and consistent responsiveness, compatible with computers, PCs, Macs, laptops, etc.

Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, XP. The best mouse for games and work.



5. TeckNet Raptor M268 Six Button 3200DPI

Six Button Design Mouse


Accuracy is everything

The M268 features exclusive TeckNet Tru-Wave sensor optimization for high-accuracy cursor control.

Whether zipping across the screen or honing in on a single pixel, the 2000 DPI sensor responds accurately to your every move.

This mouse can be used on almost any surface, including reflective or transparent surfaces such as glass.

Fits like a glove

Designed to fit snugly under the palm of your hand, with intuitive button placement for the most comfortable gaming experience yet.

The ultra-low friction underside effortlessly glides over almost any surface. A tactile scroll wheel and comfort-grip side zones keep you in control of every move.

Be ready in an instant

Make the right moves in any game situation. Shift through up to three DPI settings with a single button, from pixel-precise targeting (1000DPI) to lightning-fast manoeuvers (up to 2000 DPI).

Conveniently located behind the scroll wheel, the DPI shift button is ready, just where you need it.

A winning combination

Designed with gamers in mind, every component from the smoothly braided cable and tactile surfaces to the gold plated USB connector,

It is precision constructed using the highest quality materials for extreme performance that’s built to last.



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