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Ownshoppers presents 20 places to visit in India at least once in 2020.

1. The Himalayan Frozen Lakes

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The summers produce realize the importance of winter and its contributions to untouched natural wonders.

Taken with the weather is one issue, but exploring its work of art is another. throughout this work-driven era, we have an inclination to tend to miss the large moments in life, expose a frozen lake.

However, for folk that love the weather and want to interrupt free from the new heat and discord of city life, here can be a revelation.

The Republic of India hosts associate degree umpteen kind of frozen lakes. Yes! Not many units tuned in to this, but the Republic of India is home to many wonderful icy lakes; adding grace and singularity to its natural science.

You are endorsed to need a visit to a variety of the best-frozen lakes in the Republic of India and pay on a daily basis or a pair of terribly} very bubble of bright white lakes and blue skies, whereas not the slightest pay attention of the urban job.

This is one of the best out of 20 places to visit in India at least once in 2020

2. Brahmaputra River Sunsets

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This is one in all the largest rivers in Northeast India. It starts in Xizang and goes through the good gorges of Arunachal and also the valley of state then be the Bay of geographical region. Sunset on the river is one in all the most effective sights you’ll see in your life.


3. The Lakshadweep Islands

The Lakshadweep Islands

This cluster of islands is within the Laccadive Ocean and is that the biggest attraction of the tiny Union Territory of India. You have with water sports and could be an excellent spot for skin-diving.


4. The Western Ghats

The Western Ghats

This place is additionally referred to as the Sahyadri formation and it goes on the total of the geographical region of India. It’s numerous once it involves each animal and plants. this can be conjointly a UNESCO World Heritage web site.


5. Ghats of Varanasi

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Banaras aka Varanasi is one in all the oldest cities in India, situated all along the banks of the holy stream Ganges. It’s an outsized variety of Ghats all along the Ganges that square measure accustomed fire the dead and conjointly for bathing.


6. Sundarbans Mangrove Forest

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The mangrove-filled forest is one in all the biggest of its kind within the world and is found within the Sundarbans delta in the state. This region is protected by UNESCO and could be a UNESCO World Heritage web site.


7. Ladakh Lakes

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Ladakh has a number of the foremost unbelievable lakes within the region and also the world. It’s situated at a height of four, 350m. If you opt to go to the lakes move into the evening that’s once they look the foremost lovely.

This one is also one of the best out of 20 places to visit in India at least once in 2020

8. The Amazing Waterfalls in Shillong

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Mawsynram could be a little village situated on the East Khasi Hills of northeast Meghalaya state. And therein space, you’ll realize an outsized variety of unbelievable waterfalls.


9. The Kanha National Park

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This park is found within the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh. It’s acknowledged for its life, geographical region Tigers to be precise. It’s helped keep the Panthera tigris population afloat.


10. The Thar Desert at Night

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This sweet is found within the state referred to as Rajasthan and is encircled by the Aravalli formation and nice Rann of tannin.


11. Backwaters of Kerala

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If you’re trying to find soothing expertise whereas sailing on a ship this can be the place to go to. The Kerala backwaters square measure created from 5 massive canals, lakes and rivers that go through virtually 1/2 the state.


12. The Amazing Beaches of Goa

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Goa is that the smallest state in India and makes most of its cash with commercial enterprise thanks to its lovely beaches, temples and ancient design. However, the largest attraction square measures the beaches!


13. Snow-covered Mountains of Manali

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The snow-covered mountains and crystal clear lakes of Himachal bring an attention-grabbing hike for tourists. It’s conjointly the most effective place in India for all snow-related sports.


14. The North East Forest

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This forest makes up twenty-fifth of all of India’s forest land and span across all seven sister states of India. You’ll realize fifty-one styles of forests.


15. Bhubaneswar City temples

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Unsurprisingly Bhubaneswar is understood because the town of temples as a result of it’s quite 600 Hindu temples. Konark, Puri and Bhubaneswar house a number of the foremost common Indian temples like Duladevi temple, Lingaraj temple, Mukteshwar temple, Puri Jagganath temple and Konark Sun temples. What makes this town special although is that it’s the sole one with an ardent temple to the good Trinity “Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh”.


16. The Valley of Flowers

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Valley of Flowers National Park is an Indian national park, located in North Chamoli, in the state of Uttarakhand and is known for its meadows of endemic alpine flowers and the variety of flora. 


17. Tranquil Hills of Kodaikanal

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Kodaikanal might be a city inside the hills of the Dindigul district inside the state of the province, India.

Its name inside the Tamil language implies that “The Gift of the Forest”. Kodaikanal is remarked because the “Princess of Hill stations” and encompasses a long history as a retreat and common traveller destination.


18. Araku Valley on the Eastern Ghats

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Araku valley could be a hill station in Visakhapatnam district within the Indian state of the state, lying 111 klicks west of Visakhapatnam town. This place is usually remarked as Ooty of Andhra. It’s a vale within the Eastern Ghats populated by totally different tribes.


19. Sea of Colours at Kanyakumari

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A place wherever 3 seas meet – Triveni Sangam, Kanyakumari beach situated at the south finish of India is that the sole purpose within the world wherever the 3 seas- Bay of geographical region, Arabian Sea and also the ocean meet.


20. Tea Gardens of Darjeeling

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Darjeeling could be a town and a municipality within the Indian state of the state. It’s situated within the Lesser Himalayas at AN elevation of half dozen, 700 ft (2,042.2 m). It’s noted for its tea business, its views of Kangchenjunga, the world’s third-highest mountain, and also the Darjeeling chain Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage web site. Darjeeling is that the headquarters of the Darjeeling district that encompasses a part autonomous standing among the state of the state. It’s conjointly a preferred traveller destination in India.

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